This Is The Now 2012

This Is The Now


This is the now –

Not less worthy than

The other now when

I was writing verse a now ago.


Albert standing on a branch

Poking paw into its pine-ey needles,

Hunting something I can’t see.

Does he hear something?

It’s inaudible to me.


Pine branch lying on the lawn.

How can Albert find so many holes to claw?

Endless variations on a theme,

His every motion synchronized.

AH!  I see!  The schemer!

It’s a mouse.


Fifteen minutes later:

He’s still at it.

In my anti- nature-has-its-ways-

I’ve piled more branches on the first.

Instinct-Albert isn’t peeved.  He doesn’t curse.

He vaults the mini-Everest.

Front, back, aha, he’s got the drift,

Trying (not-too-hard) to lift

a branch.

Believe you me, they’re heavy.


Albert is relentless, ready, tail swishing.

Poor, poor mouse,  I wish

That I could make it so you lived to see

Another day!

(Albert, why

are you not tired out

or losing focus?)

Systematic, specialized par excellence

This game of cat and-nows.


This Is The Now 3.26.2012

Circling Round Nature; Cat Book;

Arlene Corwin

After Last Night 2012

After Last Night

Sitting in the bathtub thinking

What a pity

That the memory

Gets in the way of now.

Last night’s success

Completely gone –


Spent absolute.

No substitute.

If time is taken

To think ‘then’

(Just hours ago),

A method

To make then a ‘now’


Losing the moment?

Maybe some can.  I can’t.


Bath Again 2.8.2012

Bath Book; Vaguely about Music;

Arlene Corwin

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