Pursuing The Big Picture 2013

            Pursuing The Big Picture: (A poem about chaos)

What defines the chaos order?

Unity within?

Ordered chaos?

Fractals; re- re- reproduction:

Repetition in the pattern;

Figures in unendingness without a pause,

Each cause effect, effect a cause;

An infinitely complex picture.

Breaking down into reactions,

Fractals: patterns never ending;

Simple rules for complex systems.

What a thought!  Repeats – but not exactly;

Exactititude yet paradox.

Unity/diversity. Transmognified simplicity.

Creation’s dust resulting in

A man.

The answers stand evolving, testing,

Keeping, building on each magic;

Organizing-self; the miracle –

AndiIf you will, the oracle.

Evolving, time scale cosmic.

All the time refining.

Interacting and surviving.

This creation does its thing.

Trial and error.

New, un-programmed,

Organizing self to Self

Spontaneously unintentioned;

A dynamic universe.

Always picking, choosing: new.

Nature’s mathematics.

One might say God’s thumbprint.

Mandelbrot.  Great.


Pursuing The Big Picture 12.20.2010 revised 3.28.2013

Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin

Things Are What They Are 2012

Things Are What They Are


My friend, no philosopher, says

“Things are what they are.”

My friend is sick.

She’s been that way through thin and thick.

Cheerful, never caustic,

Waving a finger at God,

She sends me her dyslexic letters,

Glad and positive.  She’s good.


Thinks are really what they are:

Nothing more.


Things Are What They Are 8.9.2012

Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin



Letting In The Universe 2012

Letting In The Universe


I’m letting in the universe,

Lettering the universe,

And all is going well.

Surprise, surprise –

You simply cannot tell

What’s in the cards.


Letting In The Universe 6.14.2012

Circling Round Reality; To The Child Mystic II;

Arlene Corwin

A Puff Of Air 2012

A Puff Of Air


I’ve analyzed accomplishment,

I’ve me-oh-my’d achievement;

I’ve listed fame and reputation,

How it feels and what it gives,

(how it felt and what it gave);

The money gain, and what it brought,

The flatter-satis-


That was sought

And won

And at the same time, none

of these.

Mostly, sometimes, always –


Every word a concept-phrase, a phase

And in the end, a puff of air;

An I-don’t really-care-it doesn’t-matter, patter

Glib, an empty fib, semantic gibberish,

Emptied, slowed,

With no place on this earth to go.

It isn’t pleasant.

Left inside – the present:

Not one bit of optimism,

[maybe just] a hint of hope;

All the rest a “Nope,

‘this is a puff of air” its definition.


Isn’t always fair

(With no one really to complain to.)


A Puff Of Air 3.26.2012

Revelations Big & Small; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin


Specialist 2012



We used to call a specialist

A specialist.

Then egghead

(definitely 50’s out)

Now it’s nerd:

A focuser, dedicated expert – with

“I know a little bit

About a lot of things…”

Left to the quiz show whiz.

These days to ‘know

A lot about a little thing

And save the world’ with it

Is in in my small business

Not for show.


Specialist 3.6.2012

A Sense Of ‘the Ridiculous; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

Not Goal But Mechanism: Gratitude

Not Goal But Mechanism



Imagining in image,

Image in imaginings;

Not goal but mechanism;

Working tool to get you there,

Where thinking clearer betters life

And life for those around.  Undervalued

As a talent, knack and aptitude,

When you get it, feel it, use it!

Not a goal but mechanism.


Not Goal But Mechanism 6.23.2011/3.5.2012

Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin

Cosmic Questions 2012

Cosmic Questions


Doubts and queries: cosmic all:

Mathematic, philosophic, chemical,

Prophecy and apple pie:


To all our days and time;

In mind inside, unclassified:

Cosmic questions:

Why, when, where,

How big, how far;

Start, peak and close –

The whole shebang* – it interests us.

We are concerned.

We hope and pray.

We need to pry.

Obfuscation to elucidation.

Night to light.

Every question in the sky

Contains a micro- simile,

A macrocosmic covenant;

Our first connection.


That’s the answer to the question.


*the whole shebang an idiom for the whole affair; entire thing.


Cosmic Questions 2.5.2012

Circling Round Reality; Nature In & Of Reality;

Arlene Corwin





Looking For Permanence 2008

        Looking For Permanence

The thing is this: It’s always over.

As I read the guide

To films gone by I slip, I slide

Into a pondering: a star adored

Who won award;

Film from ninety-, sixty-, fifty-two

Which looks at you, but which

In real time, is through

Along with camera, set and crew.

And I am stuck in pity,

In the middle

Of the loss of nothing staying.

You can’t pin it down.

No pheromone this past-phenomenon.

You cannot say, “If only…”

Instinct kicks us in the shins

Reminding us of transience,

Yet of permanence.

We also long for permanence,

Glued, as we are, to past,

To film and star that passed

A long, long time ago.

© Looking For Permanence 5.14.2008

Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin



It’s Good To Remember 2008

          It’s Good To Remember

This moment is past.


moment, and this, andthis…and this…A documentary that you witness:

Pornography; children,

Two year old – penis

In its mouth.

And you loathe.

Another documentary.

Polar bear afloat in waters

With no land to swim to,

Not a creature to the rescue.

Yet you know,

(And you should think)

While insides sink

And cramp, that

All those moments filmed, have passed,

And everything that moment, altered.


one, this and this and this…There being no last sun, just changes

In the ranges of the moment.

Do not suffer.

© It’s Good To Remember 11.1.2008

Nature Of & In Reality; Our Times, Our Culture; Time;

Arlene Corwin


Showing And Sharing 2009 revised from 1992


          Showing And Sharing

Why do I perform, I ask you?

Kent and I, we talked it through.

“Why do we do what we do?”

Musicians both, asking about both sloth and troth.

“Why not stay at home, just play at home?”

The need to play for them, where does it come from?

Why not warble in a corner,

Trade Jack Warner for Jack Horner?

The path, pith, analysis, seed of non-paralysis

Lies in the need to share each bar,

Ensnare them in the repertoire:

Acquired, inspired and fired solo.

To play for those who know is where share becomes the show.To share the stuff you’re made of,

One likes to give and get the love.

The gig may be just one night long,

Player’s voice imbibing song.

That’s why birds have beaks,

Actors paint their cheeks,

Nuns not called freaks,

Why climbers climb outrageous peaks:

To show and share’s their form of care, of who they are,

A wearing off of vanity and learning of humility:

The real way to get somewhere.

Why seek the gigs, and time on time risk disapproval?

Bumpy lyrics, chords that stump,

Mental blocks to shock a heart that gasps to pump;

Sometimes on your frumpy rump

When you’re a grumpy, dumpy lump;

Handling cash, the boss

Without the foolishness of loss;

And gathering the strength

To stand with dignity against the length

Of lustful arms and eyes,

Seductive men and women: lies.

In some mysterious mirror way

You need to hear the stuff you play

Through other’s ears and other’s eyes.

It’s the response that makes you wise,

The music genie rise.

I’m giving up the claim to fame,

(Which only means you know my name)

The thing I can’t give up’s the call,

Which means, of course, the playing hall.

Knowing, daring, going, baring,

Learning, doing, wooing, paring:

That’s the showing and the sharing:

©Showing & Sharing #1 11.4.1992 rev2009

Vaguely About Music; Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Vanities;

Arlene Corwin

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