Guess Who?


Never moves.

Doesn’t care

If it is day, night,

Dark, light –

You can

Make advances


And how,

Or even if

You will,

Active or still;


The whole darned lot

Before it ever took its form.

He/she/it or what?’

Guess who?

A Cat Is A Most Polite Animal 1995

A Cat Is A Most Polite Animal


There he lies at the foot of my bed.

Here I sit as I write at its head:

Papers strewn, bits here, scraps there.

He never crinkles, wrinkles, tears,

Only getting, every now and then

An urge to lunge… at

Flies in summer, whizzing gnats.

He never crushes objects near, it being clear

Cats are polite and delicate –

Tasteful and the perfect gymnast:

Olga Corbut of the bed.

I ought to tap my deeper thoughts –

The ones with bolts – the ones with nuts.

It’s reddening that one can only

Talk of cats.

He’s just a cat!

But I am filled with admiration.

Not just wonder: admiration!

I admire you, oh cat – respect you!

And this feeling makes me fuller, nicer –

All in all, enhancing slices [of a life],

By thimblefuls.

What do you think of that, oh cat?

You don’t care.

That’s what’s so nice.

My life’s enhanced.  You dream of mice.


A Cat Is A Most Polite Animal .9.14 .1995

Circling Round Nature; Cat Book;

Arlene Corwin

Waiting For Something To Happen 1994 entered 2013

Waiting For Something To Happen


I am a monad, a unit, an entity;

Seed of myself, unrelated to time.

Nomadic monad, a watery sea

Who happens to breed and bleed

By an enzyme collection that passes for me.

Don’t be duped.

Kinetically energized, I can make sounds,

Make the rounds,

Still alone.

A monad, a unit and clone

From an ancestor I’ve never seen,

An ancestor I’ve only heard about, read about, known

About all of the life that I’ve been.

So I sit here waiting for something to happen,

Knowing that I am a monad expecting

The trappings of clappings from heavenly

Creatures unsown:

Waiting for something to happen.


Waiting For Something To Happen 8.13.1994

To The Child Mystic; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin




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