To Take A Life 2012

                To Take A Life


Just took a life.  Damn, damn!

A kind of biting flying thing

With lacey, lovely spotted wing

That moved up windowpane.

Damn, damn!


I thought I’d save it

With a card and cup

(as I do every summer –

Oh, I feel so stupid!)                                                                         

But I injured it instead

And had to kill it – dead!                                               

(To end its writhing)


Damn, I am

A horrid woman.

What to do?

My face is warm.

I’ve harmed,

I’ve harmed.


Sacrifice of sorts is called for.


Life means movement.

Life loves life.

Killing’s stilling movement

For a time I can’t determine

But which might just mean                                                                


And that is much too long for me.


Damn, I just took life.


To Take A Life 7.2.2012

Birth, Death & In Between II; Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin




Love Relationships Change 2011

Love Relationships Change


Love relationships transform:

Their own dynamic force;

Their own dynamics:

So do you.

In the bath (as is my wont)

I think about

My mother, dead

Since two-thou…  something, and I think:

She did so much for me, I dread

To think: harp lessons,

Voice, piano…

Someone who had

Only reached the seventh grade,

Then out to work – a teenage maid.

Sewed me clothes,

Gave and goodness knows…

From love’s concern,

Burned for Arlene.

How to measure wounds and hurts,

Faults versus virtue

Against the sacrifice and faith:

On a scale of support,

It’s sudden insight,

One repents.


Love Relationships Change 8.10.20112012

Love Relationships; Circling Round Baths; Mother Book;

Arlene Corwin




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