City In The Long Run

City In The Long Run


From countryside in Härryda*,

I saw a movie on TV.

The New York City profile;

An upbeat risk in capital.

Bids and bets –

That’s what it is.

And when it fails,

The city falls.

I saw it in the skyline light,

The neighborhood where I come from

Become a slum…

The slums become rich real estate,

The shifting forms a losing dream;

The wastes of tastes

Tossed in a barrel

Of supposed fun that’s run

On money and urbanity;

Foreseeable in all too much complexity.

The city must end up a ruin.

(remember Ozymandias).

The city-thought can never win.

How long is in the long run?


But of course I could be wrong.


The City 9.26.2012

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin


*Härryda – a small town in Sweden

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