A Puff Of Air 2012

A Puff Of Air


I’ve analyzed accomplishment,

I’ve me-oh-my’d achievement;

I’ve listed fame and reputation,

How it feels and what it gives,

(how it felt and what it gave);

The money gain, and what it brought,

The flatter-satis-


That was sought

And won

And at the same time, none

of these.

Mostly, sometimes, always –


Every word a concept-phrase, a phase

And in the end, a puff of air;

An I-don’t really-care-it doesn’t-matter, patter

Glib, an empty fib, semantic gibberish,

Emptied, slowed,

With no place on this earth to go.

It isn’t pleasant.

Left inside – the present:

Not one bit of optimism,

[maybe just] a hint of hope;

All the rest a “Nope,

‘this is a puff of air” its definition.


Isn’t always fair

(With no one really to complain to.)


A Puff Of Air 3.26.2012

Revelations Big & Small; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin


Finding A Kirkegaard 2008

         Finding A Kirkegaard

It’s happened once again.



Introduced to Kirkegaard

And memories

And lessons learned;


With an attitudinal approach

That’s mine:

Just what I need.

One fears a hubris;


Looking foolish,

Sounding any –ish at all.

Yet Kirkegaard

Regards his worth

As one who knows some truth

That others don’t concede,

Don’t seem to need.

I love it when I find ‘em.

© Finding A Kirkegaard 9.8.2008

Circling Round Reality; Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin









Somehow Or Other 2009

           Somehow Or Other

In a moment decided:

You’ve got to do this, that, the other

The rest of life’s lives,

Setting the pace,

Not too much, slow or speedily,

Drying the dishes or climbing the Alps,

Striving for this/that the life you encase.

That is what I have discovered.

On a scale of revelations big to small

This does not feel big at all,

But calms one in the long run.

© Somehow Or Other 1.9.2009

Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin

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