Opening A New Chapter 2014

Opening A New Chapter


Is it God,

When overnight

One nods a “Yes!”

And things go extra right

Next day?

One buys

New eye-

glasses in red!

Bold, audacious,

Fearless and flamboyant!

Then, one spends

On two


Notebooks: scribble books

To dabble in poetic drivel

If one will,

Or drift away in philosophic dreams,

Or concrete dreams

That turn into philosophy.


Three new decisions;

Out-of-the-blue decisions

Shaping resolution still unsettled,

Still un-shaped.

Fateful, maybe.

Leading, maybe to the castle of a prince.

Grateful, one lays bare the book,

Writing words – in pencil.


If it’s happening to me

And not illusionary,

It can





Opening A New Chapter 5.30.2014

Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin





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