I Knew Her (revised)

 I Knew Her

I knew her
With her ups and downs,
When she was productive, positive,
Knitting socks, potholders, sweaters,
Not for self but for we others,
Starting projects, energetic and a mother..

Knew her
With her yearly birthday cake
To celebrate Pernilla, Patrick;
Knew her with her pretty legs, nice clothes, good taste,
Devotion to her Laila, Olga, birds and nature.
Yes, I knew her nature: happy, well, and not.

Yet, you never know that whole entire;
Soul entire;
How she searched the Biblical,
For faith we all are searching for.
I knew her parts, her mind her heart,
Good and uneven.

If there is a heaven
“…for the Father’s house has many mansions…’
And a place for everyone,
New life begun,
There she is in happiness,
Good health and peace.

I Knew Her 12.16,2018 Birth, Death & In Between III;

*Pia Johannson

One’s Friends Are Either…Or (this is NOT in my new book A Sense Of The Ridiculous)


One’s friends

Are either sick or dying,

Husbands leaving for

A younger woman, younger man,

Wives whose lives outlive them both.

Faces un-adorable,

Phases unavoidable,

Arrows point to trends and ends,

One’s self becoming old.


One’s Friends Are Either…Or 6.30.2015

Birth, Death & In Between II, Circling Round Aging;

Arlene Corwin




Talking To & For Yourself 2013

Talking To & For Yourself

You’ll be going to funerals.

They’ll be coming to yours.

Expect it. Prepare.

Unforeseen or

What they told you;

New born, timeworn: gone,

Pushing you

Against an unknown absolute.

Unimagined, unexpected,

Un-awaited, un-projected

Un- thought out about before –


Antonyms of the above:

It matters.

Then it’s you, your turn to go.

Their turn to organize,

To empty house, to vocalize:

To cry.

The getting ready,

The acceptance or rejection,

Mulling over ‘fore and after

Hinge on pre-work done,

Talking to and for


Talking To & For Yourself 12.16.2013

Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin

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