The Cosmic Code: What Can Crack It? 2013

The Cosmic Code: What Can Crack It?


What can crack it?

Science or theology?

Scientists plus theologians?

Happy accident –

(What we call chance?)

Intelligent design (with purpose?)


You’ve got to ask

Where law itself comes from;

Some that surpassing

Every boundary of the total;

That that tops, outdoes,

Takes in, outstrips and blah, blah, blah…?

Are we so split

In need of faith,

We cannot see a blend of both?

Do we need dogma till it hurts?

It’s probably no, must be blending so complete,

Outclassing us

And all our puny explanations.

The Cosmic Code: What Can Crack It? 11.18.2013

To The Child Mystic II: Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; God Book; Circling Round Science;

Arlene Corwin

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