There’ve Always Been

  Sitting up in bed, energy-less with toothache, I suddenly wrote this.  (Well, it took a while). Boy, the mind is a miracle!

    There’ve Always Been…🧘‍♀️

There’ve always been
The laws that govern:
Judaic law that calls it God or G_d.
Laws that can be calculated,
Those that can’t.

Even if law neutron/proton and law God
Is tiny as a pea in pod,
We, a part of all this law
Have aims and goals
Built into an enormous whole
Which seers see and seers saw
And which aim/goal keeps us in awe.

Time: conundrum.
Beginning-ness, one too.
Did God begin, and is He you?
To know the mind of the Divine
Is to keep company with rules,
Existence being its such school.

There are such things as can’t be known.
We have not come from womb full-blown.
Alone and yet we’re not alone.
Yes, yet we feel we’re not alone.

The mystic in his faith says:
“God and I are one!”
A feeling become fact
Which alters act
In motive, word and thought.

Theist or non-theist
All agree that laws come first,
And how you thirst
And what you call it,
Where you go to search for all it
Is up to you.

Truth, big T will always be
In every systematic study
Of the sciences, religions and philosophy –
Yet still remain a mystery.

There’s always been
A space, pure energy and matter;
Countless atoms, specks within
All species living in the clatter
Of a being-ness that’s born
And goes, yet comes again.
God or not,
The rules and names are all we’ve got
And these have always been.
There’ve Always Been3.25.2019 To The Child Mystic II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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