This Is A Terrible Day 2013

This Is A Terrible Day.

This is a terrible day.

Outrageous day.

Over thirteen hundred murdered:



And children


A gas

Attack in Syria

Whose rulers say “Not us!”

Then there’s Bradley Manning

Who leaked

Military secrets like:

“let’s get ‘em, kill ‘em all” the …

Or words to that effect.

For that

He’ll suffer thirty-five years

In a prison. Here

In Sweden he’d have got

Six months, a cell phone, and a lot

Of loving letters.

Speaking of which,

Swedish citizens are going sick;

Taking billions from the taxes

To recover (or do something)

From the new bipolarist depressions ups and downs;

Stress related illnesses that do not end in ouch.

Taxes taken

From the healthy watching TV on the couch

To pay the weakened on a couch

Without a cure in sight.

But worst is loss of life.

The Mozarts, Rembrandts, who’d have been

Now dead without a fight.

This is a terrifying day.

This Is A Terrible Day 8.22.2013

War Book; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin

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