How Do You Write So Much 2013

How Do You Write So Much?

They always ask, “How do you do it –

Write so much?”

I always answer, “Through some network/spectrum/grid;

A phrase, a book, celestial guides…

Who knows?

One rides that horse of inspiration’s perspiration;

‘Workhorse’ comes to mind.

It’s in the air,

It’s who you are;

The right side of the brain,

The way you train;

It’s logic if you’re logical,

And if you’re not,

It’s that!

If there’s an answer, I don’t know it.

If I knew, I’d throw it back,

A fielder in the lob,

And in that field where everything is valid,

Waiting to be said,

Grist for the mill,

It doesn’t hurt

If you’ve a thing (or two) worthwhile to utter;

Meter, rhythms, meaning, rhyme

Revealed in form –

If you’ve got those, you’re home.

How Do You Write So Much? 6.26.2013

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin

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