Utterly, Utterly Lazy

     Utterly, Utterly Lazy

 I can be utterly, utterly –

Quadruple utterly


That’s me.

Tempted to put on my shirt

Inside out,

Backwards, frontwards,

Not caring which route.

Tempted to not put my foot in my shoes,

But to bend the backs, break them

Or any way fake way to get into

Just ‘cause I cannot be bothered to take them

And put them on carefully.

Utterly, utterly is an unfortunate

Euphemized statement,

Meant to confess the degree

With a light delicacy.

Yesiree, that is the real me

Under it all,

Everything else being shawl

To disguise and protect it,

And that’s the absurdity

Of being lazy.

Utterly Lazy 4.30.2018 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Corwin


You Never Know The Clout You Have

       You Never Know The Clout You Have


You never know the clout you have,

Clout being a blow or target –

Most of all effect or power

You exert by being you.


Take care! Be careful, scared! Be wary!

Everything you say, you do –

Each word, each vow, an influence.

In circumstance you radiate an ambience

You pray will be benevolent.


You, you

In all you do;

And you have impact.

Make a pact with mental you

To be a kind and, gentle you,

Giving out rewarding vibes,

Enriching, beneficial, fruitful.

You, yourself a scribe imbibing

Influences from abroad,

From world untoward – in discord!


Take some in and turn them ‘round.

You abound in power.

You can be man* of the hour

Just by being who you are.

You can be the lucky star

Of every person you encounter.

So remember!

You ne’er know the clout you have

To save what ever may occur.


* of course woman too!


You Never Know The Clout You Have 4.29.2017

Definitely Didactic; Coffee Book II;

Arlene Corwin




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