A Dangerous Place #1&2

A poem to show how the mind and thought develops and broadens over time.  In this case, four short years.

           A Dangerous Place #1


Not new; the world

A risky place:

Too many schools of thought;

Their base defective.

Schools, which in themselves are seeking

Thought that knows thought’s ever-rules.


Kipling’s twain which never meet;

Krishna’s castes all separate;

Towers fall on Babel Street.

Not new.


Impossibility out there:

Worlds of danger everywhere;

Dangers that we can’t escape

Except by staying put

Content with parsnips.

 A Dangerous Place 5.9.2004 Our Times, Our Culture; Birth, Death & In Between; Arlene Corwin

         A Dangerous Place #2


Two thousand four come/gone.

Two eighteen still anonymous.

Am I apocalyptic?

World the warmest since…forever.

Messiurs Putin, Trump and every nuclear dictator,

Arsenals as big as ever.


What we were afraid of then

Is now in multiples.

Viruses that won’t give up,

Fighting each development.

Small to middling large eruptions

Under, over, on the surface.

Coverings and dryings up;

Methane gas, folk that pass

Leaving matches in the grass;

Flarings unintentional.

My old bones susceptible

To substances and circumstance they never knew.

Nature duping us.

Boo hoo? Or ballyhoo?

Is there something new awaiting?

Something generating happiness,

Content with standing-stillness? Wellness?

Who can tell,

Things being as they are:

Not fine, with every sign

An indication

That we’re going in the wrong direction.


 A Dangerous Place #2 2.1.2018 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Corwin









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