If I Were Dying 2008

      If I Were Dying

If I were dying,

Looked at you

And felt I loved you

In the last,

I would not feel or suffer

Dying’s angst.

The brain can never simultaneously

Feel two things at once.

Love would rule out panic.

© If I Were Dying 11.13.2008

Love Relationships; To The Child Mystic;

Arlene Corwin





Frame Of Reference 2008

                Frame Of Reference

A constant in the background;

Backdrop: frame of reference.

That’s what I commend

When friends have needs;

What I remind


aboutSince I’m but slightly better

Than the doubter.

Like the prophet who, not saint,

Is one who sees but doesn’t do,

I’ve the dilemma

(just the same as you)

Of keeping the reminder

In the frontal lobe.

You can’t fob off your revelation

As if it were a savior.

Frame of reference in the sky,

Frame on high,

Until I die,

It’s you and me kid!

© Frame Of Reference 11.6.2008

To The Child Mystic;

Arlene Corwin



             Going Nowhere In A Timeless Moment

Going nowhere

In a timeless moment.


In a time-full day.

It’s all the same.

There is no difference:

Timeless moment, time-full day,

A name,

A game semantic:


© Going Nowhere In A Timeless Moment 11.4.2008

Time; To The Child Mystic;

Arlene Corwin



God Neutrinos 2008

           God Neutrinos

Waking up,

Lying here,

I let myself –

The head, arms, toes,

The torso

Be bombarded by


Of the Godly ilk.




God neutrinos.

That is what I’m doing at the moment,

Now I’m up.

© God Neutrinos 4.8.2008

The Processes:Creative,Thinking, Meditative;

To The Child Mystic;

Arlene Corwin


God Has No Cares 2008

            God Has No Cares

God doesn’t care

If you’re an a-theist –

God has no cares.

God can’t be God

If He has cares.

(Just saying ‘He’

Is theory).

The perfect absolute lacks nothing.

To join God with hasAt all is silly.

“Has” belongs to incomplete;

The full-ended need not compete

For any quality at all.

The full-ended

Has got it all.

But got


Be utilized

‘Cause “got” implies


And an ‘It’ full ended

Can’t ‘got’ nothin’:

It just is.

© God Has No Cares 7.13.2008

To The Child Mystic; A Sense Of The Ridiculous;

Arlene Corwin




God, Am I Thinking [Enough About You?] 2008

            God, Am I Thinking [Enough About You?]

God, am I thinking enough

About you?



The eternal and true

Under layers of consciousness

Syndrom-ized, synthesized

Paving the way

From desires?


 © God, Am I Thinking Enough About You? 2.11.2008To The Child Mystic; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;

Arlene Corwin



Listening To The Silence 2009

            Listening To The Silence

The hardest thing for me

(and I is always you is we)

Is listening to the silence.

Worried, sensing

That in death there is no sound,

The friend of sound beyond

All sound. Still,

I don’t practice stillness,

Lagging will-lessly behind

The plan for love and peace,

Bliss, consciousness:

Essences of knowledge.

It won’t do!

I must turn off my radio:

[The one or two

in every room].

© Listening to the Silence2.12.2009

Circling Round Energy; I Is Always You Is We;

Revelations Big & Small; To The Child Mystic;

Arlene Corwin




If A Bad Man Believes 2009

       If A Bad Man Believes

If a bad man believes in God

He has the peace

That every good man has.

God doesn’t care – good/bad, bad/good


Just rewards –

Desserts that have their ground in faith.

It’s faith that counts.


What happens after,

I have no idea – but have


No clue,

But there are clues

To chains

That point to balance;

Clues to chains

That point

To resolution,

Clues that point to fixed results –


That do not end with death

But point to immortality,


For choices made

Not dying death.


Birth, death and an in between,

The constant chain.

© If A Bad man Believes 1.17.2009

Birth, Death & In Between; Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

I Is Always You Is We; Revelations Big & Small; To The Child Mystic;



Dream of An Eternal Life 2008

Dream of An Eternal Life

 Why not?

In, out


Anybody’s body

Bubbling, troubling thoughts

Depending on the frame of mind.

Doomsday feelings,

Doomsday hints,

Revelations, big and small –

 It all

Boils down

To finding




Circling Round Reality; To The Child Mystic; Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin


©Dream Of An Eternal Life 11.18.2008



Down At Your Feet 2008

       Down At Your Feet

I lay

My day

Down at your feet.

I know

That you

Don’t have a foot,

Let alone two.

I‘m not alarmed

That there’s no whoNo what,For that you’re there,

Is where I’m at,

Trying to listen for the voice-

less mouth to follow.

© Down At Your Feet 10.28.2008

To The Child Mystic;

Arlene Corwin





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