Weapons (b) 2007


Wiping out

A destiny in seconds;

Second’s destiny

Of good and evil tendencies.

Killing never works.

It hurts.

One’s back to zero.


Gains what?

It’s terribly expensive –

Coin, the artery and vein:


Not funny.

©Weapons 07.8.30.

Our Times, Our Culture; War Book;

Arlene Corwin

Weapons 2007


How would you feel

If you wiped out

A destiny in seconds?


Pregnancy: it lasts nine months.


A destiny in seconds.

Good and evil tendencies;

Tendency’s environment

To take in and to think about:


Killing doesn’t work.

It hurts.

It turns one back to zero.


Gains what? Who gains?

Besides, it’s terribly expensive –

Money, artery and veins:

The most inane

Of jokes.

©Weapons 07.8.30.

Our Times, Our Culture; War Book;

Arlene Corwin

My Watch Stopped 2007

                 My Watch Stopped

Watch stopped at 4:03 A.M.,

The time Saddham

Was being hanged.

Its battery,

Its two year guarantee with two year run,

Which showed no sign of wearing down,

Died at the point his neck disabled;

Where mankind had once been cradled.

I, somewhere secure in Sweden, cuddled up,

Lay breathing in the arms of nature,

sound asleep.


©My Watch Stopped 07.1.4

Birth, Death & In Between; Special People Special Occasions;

Time; Our Times, Our Culture; War Book;

Arlene Corwin




Injuries & Disappearance 2007

             Injuries & Disappearance
I thought I’d mention one more time –


Injuries and disappearance.

Are we getting weary

Of the facts already?

Tired of the reminder,

Over-information in each pore?

(Is there even such a word,

We, the herd, the creamy curd it aims at?)

Injuries and disappearance –

More ubiquitous than simple death.



And its kin


While the west is living longer,

All the rest no longer safe.

In a stream-of-conscious rancor,

Either wonder theo-logic, cosmologic-

Is made stronger,

Moral humanism broader, or

A cynic disbelief in objects

Looks for comfort side by side with -isms

Of consumption

Leaving fertile ground to sow and grow

More injured disappeared.

Have you heard?

I thought I’d mention it again.

©Injuries & Disappearance 07.8.2
Birth, Death & In Between; Our Times, Our Culture; War Book;

Arlene Corwin





Nobody Wins In A War

Banal, self-clear, cliché
And tautological to say:
To right a wrong
It cannot pay to kill the young.
A Mozart or Copernicus
To never impart genius
To put more light our way
Because he’s decimated at age six.
No one wins when cities burn;
Limbless people can’t earn
Livings begging
minus leg.
The stomach churns at all the loss:
Planet beings turned to dross.
Any nincompoop can see
That one less creature
Dead too soon,
Changes flows. The sun and moon
And angels cry,
And so do I.

Nobody Wins In A War. 00.11.16
Our Times, Our Culture; War Book;
Arlene Corwin

Global Situation

Global Situation


And all around;

Mass fleeing,


By wars


By us –

There has

To be a downfall,

Short-term windfalls



How dare we

Indulge in self-deceit,

No self insight

And not expect

The stars to fall

On Alabama?

©Global Situation 2.17.2008
Defiant Doggerel; Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin




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