As Of This Morning 2014

As Of This Morning


It starts with sadness, disappointment then…


As long as there is anger

There’ll be wars


An angry man begets revenge,


Until the sounds of canon*

Can be heard

*an almost-kind old-fashioned word.

Oh yes, and now, the now-times silent tone

Of sky high drone,

Like Hitler’s V8’s over London

Hitting suddenly – the innocent, the guilty;



Just today, in EU’s Europe

Where the left-out, not-yet ones are yearning

(the Ukraine, this morning)

Come to protest.

Then they come: police

With dummy bullets,

Which they turn into the real ones

Killing two, a few unlucky men…


When it’s through, it’s started!

Racking up: Iraq

Then Egypt, Lebanon,

Now Syria and the Ukraine –

The start of mourning

Just this morning.


As Of This Morning 1.22.2014

War Book II; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin



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