Bed Yoga 2013

Bed Yoga


Concerned with spending time

In bed – more time than in the past;

Old, sick or just too lazy

To get up and out,

Bed Yoga is a passive yet self-starting way

To spend that time.


So many things to do in bed,

So many body parts to find;

So many parts to train;

So many ways to do it:


Squeeze, bend, lift, extend,

Press; then send

The breath to spots,

In pain and not.

Use the mind and be creative.


Squeeze your parts from top to bottom

(squeeze your bottom)

Press the leg into the bed;

Bend the parts that you can bend;

Lift the parts that you can lift;

Elongate and stretch; search, find;

Exploit the mind

Be creative.


Habit, science, way of life –

It’s all of those.

What works is what counts and what counts

Is what works.  Be creative.


Bed Yoga 7.6.2013

Circling Round Yoga;

Arlene Corwin


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