Getting Bored 2014

I get bored so easily.  I play a tune nine hundred times and have to change it; got to change it.  Improving, that’s the name.  Who can do the same damn thing life in, life out?  We need to change; it is a good.  We are variety machines.  Change is subtle, slow in coming.  Change can be a nuance – simply humming.  But if you’re got ears, you hear.  Inventing, winging it, ad libbing ad libitum.  Creatively and on the spot, you feel you’ve got to make up something new to satisfy and oh, it quenches; worn replaced, the freshness making  you a happy fledgling; born again.  Lose the fear!  It’s here you want to chase it.  Clinch the moment.   Let the boredom take you to the next bewitching instance.

I get bored so easily.

When playing a tune

Nine hundred times,

I’ve just got to change it.

Improvising, that’s the name.

Who can do the same life in, life out?

We need to change – a good thing.

We are variety machines.

Change can be nuance –

Nothing big; subtle, slow in coming.

But, if you’ve got the talent and the ear

You hear: inventing, extemporizing,

Winging-it, ad-libbing ad libitum.

Creatively and on the spot

You feel you’ve got

To make up something new

To satisfy you, and

Oh, it quenches:

The worn replaced, its freshness

Making you a happy fledgling; re-born.

Lose the fear!

It’s here you want to chase it.

Clinch the moment.

Let boredom take you to the next

Bewitching instance.

Getting Bored 7.20.2013

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Arlene Corwin

Getting Bored

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