I Am Guilty Of All My Failures

       I Am Guilty Of All My Failures

 I take the blame for all I’ve done;

Own up to all those failures mine;

Failures from:

Naivetể and laziness,


An focus-less


Yet I’ve managed to fulfill

Some crude achievements,

Accomplishing on intuition:

Not a bad guide, nor a good one.

All sits in the readiness;

Instinct in the readiness,

Prowess in the readiness.


Even if there’d been instruction

I’d have had to wait it out

Until my twenties – eight or seven

When the background synthesized

Into a foreground wise.


Inborn, unshorn weaknesses

That held one back,

In untold ways,


I could say, “Screw it!”

Or complete the work

To fight off other frailties;

Develop and maintain

A lively strain

Of concentrative energies,

So that my foibles will be few-er.

Mea culpa! Mea culpa!

I say, “Do it!”

 I Am Guilty Of All My Failures 3.27.2018 Circling Round Egos; Circling Round Energies; I Is Always You Is We;


The Myth Of Separation or, You’re Me, I’m You 2013

The Myth Of Separation

Or, You’re Me – I’m You


I know what’s wrong with you because

I’ve got it too.  It is what’s wrong

With me.  I know your weaknesses,

You fears, your sicknesses.

I also know your strengths because

I’ve got them too.

I recognize you noble sides,

Your talents, for,

Despite our different names, I’m you.


I thought of going further

Reaching some conclusion,

But I’ll leave it there

For you, who see through separation’s myth to dis-illusion,

Understanding fusion,

Disentwining false belief  from all that’s true,

The genuine, which always culls a chosen few.

At bottom you are me, you see –

And I am near-ly, really you.


The Myth Of Separation Or, You’re Me, I’m You 3.3.1998/revised 5.26.2013

I Is Always You Is We;

Arlene Corwin







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