The Skin On My Face Is Growing 1.12.2015

The Skin On My Face Is Growing Downwards


Wrinkling earlobes.

Ditto neck.

Drooping jawline; skrinkling cheek;

Eyes: the lids.

The mouth the hideous-d of all:

A mix of

Wrinkling, drooping, lined, thinned, fallen.

But it functions and I’m glad.

It talks, it sings, it bends, it hears

(that is the ears)

Not as unpropitious as it sounds.


But growing downwards, definitely. 

Or as the case may be indef….


Shall I interfere and try

To youngify?

Restyle, revamp, remodel, work, in short

A reconstruction?

How shall I adapt?


How shall I, in other ugly words escape?

Gather rosebuds while they’re there 

And you’re not in a wheelchair –

It doesn’t last – this now becoming past.

Not even Chinese Mings or tanks or emerald rings

(although they may take somewhat longer)

Anything that’s formed – reformed is de-formed in the end.

I’m wise enough to save that effort.

Not to take that shot at, stab at, or a crack

At getting my young beauty back.

Do I suffer?

That’s a tougher!


I ignore the mirror

Or I study the way Rembrandt did,

Leaving not a wart ignored.

Warts and all, I make my call without a comment

And a row.

I’m doing it right now.


The Skin On My Face Is Growing Downwards 1.12.2015

Circling Round Vanities II; Nature of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin

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