I’m pleased that there are those

That question why a certain house

Gets flooded while the house next door stays dry.

Unpredictability.  Factors, causes, reasons why;

Component circumstance, dynamic;

Here we see the butterfly, effect rhapsodic.

Is there accident and fortune’s hand at all –

Foreseeable, predictable

In some vague laws unseen?

Shapes between,

Shaping patterns and connections

In coincidence?

What is this dance of risk and chance?

Why is there chance at all?

Uncertainty could disappear

If everything was measurable (but it ain’t).

Adorable and quaint,

But doubts and things that aren’t clear are

Always here.


The ordinary me has limits.

Ordinary me can never see

The butterfly effect, the tiny

Waves that make up happenings;

The subatomic world that keeps on changing hungrily,

Lazily, chaotically, eternally.

Probable and possible – which is which –

Questions in a witch’s brew, their secret prank.

For the ordinary you and me.

I think it’s safe to say today there is no certainty.

And if there is, it’s in God’s databank.


Certainty 2.27.2014

Circling Round Science II; God Book II; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin




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