Good Yoga 2013

          Good Yoga

(Secrets of a 78 year old Yoga teacher)

Good yoga lies in details; yes,

The insignificant:


Stuff you never pay attention to,

To which you never pay attention.

You, the organism

That consists

Of teeny, tiny-nesses-es,

Each of which you must detect.

It’s you – why not?

You are the only you you’ve got;

You’re what

You’re made of,

What you’re based on.

You have nothing better than

To know it

In its wholeness-parts:

Abilities and limitations,

Weaknesses and strengths:

Its opposites.

Good yoga:

Everything you do.

Good Yoga 2.26.2013

Circling Round Yoga; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin

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