This Poetry Stuff 2014

This Poetry Stuff  (Needs Explaining)

Mathematics With Emotion


This poetry stuff

Is all about

A thinking through;

Thought thunk, you’re sunk

In processes un-comprehended;

Sent from outside/inside source to underpin

An art form with no kin to it.

You either swim – or float or drown

With no idea as to its course.

Yet it’s a force – approximating

Cyclone, lava or tsunami,

Fast, slow hot, but always moving.

Fluff, or guff, refined or scruffy always stuff – just stuff;

It’s poetry – yours

Pushing boundaries out

Into infinity or into spaces irreducible.

Hard work, bard work, where

One can sit, lie, stand,

Write on one’s hand or even memorize

Till one gets home and gotten hold

Of full size paper.

One’s a staff-less worker isolated.

(Who reads poetry these days?)

Mathematics with emotion.


Coming hours you can’t anticipate,

Making sleep wait: it’s a form

Of storm unknown in nature.


This Poetry Stuff 2.1.2014

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin

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