YOGA FOR THE MATURE a lecture/demonstration

I’ve not done this before, putting something non-poetic on my Arlene Corwin Poetry site.  But heck, it’s my site isn’t it?  Here goes: a little attempt at the power of publicity.


Dear friends,

For a long time now I’ve wanted give a little talk and demonstration about yoga: what it is and what it is not. I’m so proud of my beautiful students who, by chance, all happen to be mature women. It is therefore I decided to call the lecture Yoga For The Mature.

Our bodies change. They will continue to change until we die. We don’t want to stop the changes. We can’t. We want to keep up with them, deal with them, integrate them with our minds and have more control.   Above all, we want to enjoy our bodies, use them until our last breath. If we can look good on top of it all – well, that’s a plus. Looks are not our goal. Health and energy and knowledge is the goal.

     You are invited free of charge to come Friday, April 24, 2015 12pm, Lille Salen, Molnlycke Kulturhuset. Come and learn a bit more about yoga which, in this case is the classic Hatha Yoga, the wonderful mechanism that puts the body into postures called asanas through which a life time awareness takes place.

Please come. You are more than welcome. You can become more spontaneous, intuitive about your bodies, knowledgeable and healthy.

My aim is when you no longer need a teacher.


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